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make me choose:
pagets asked: abby whelan or olivia pope




thanks so much scandalabc for my gifts!!! this gladiator feels loved!!!!

those wine glasses are amazing! was there a contest or was it from tweeting a lot? 

tweeting a lot, because I’ve been a mutual follow with the official scandal Twitter for like a year now and on Monday they direct messaged me thanking me for being so devoted and asking if I had an address where I could they could send stuff. :’)

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thanks so much scandalabc for my gifts!!! this gladiator feels loved!!!!

This is great, but makes me giggle because you can’t have any wine! ;) just grape juice it up!

ahahaha, yeah just gonna put water and milk in them since those are the only things that I drink. But they’re so super fun to drink out of omgggg


if you shit on an actor just because they play a character you dislike there’s a 99% chance i hate yu

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Hot as hell

"…if you’d look at how he related to everyone — Coulson loves projects. Here is a guy who didn’t have people skills. So Garrett says, can you help this guy Ward round off some of the rough edges? So he comes onto the team. Coulson is now vested, because he’s got a project. Who is Ward’s greatest threat? May. What does he do? He seduces her. Who is the one unknown on the team? Skye. He becomes her S.O. How do you get everyone rally around and trust you? You jump out of a plan trying to save someone else. Now, he had a parachute. Let’s say he failed to save Simmons, he would’ve been fine. Everything he’s done has solidified how people feel about him over the course of the season." 

"…what was the next thing he had to do after he saved Simmons? He had someone on the plane who was jealous of him: Fitz. And what did they do? They went on a mission together and they had a really good time together. And a bromance was started. And that took care of that." x

"…then in "Seeds," there’s a really nice moment where Skye is standing at the wall of valor, and we hear Coulson’s voice off-camera saying that the world is full of evil, pain, lies and death — and the camera pans and lands on Ward when he says "lies" and "evil."" x

vanessalwilliams said: madison how in the world did you get stuff? also everyone needs scandal stuff so i want to buy some scandal stuff. idk what im saying,

so i’ve been in a mutual follow with the official scandal twitter for like over a year. and on monday they direct messaged me and were like, hey we’d like to thank you for being such a loyal gladiator is there an address where we can send you a suprise?” and i was like, UMM YES THERE IS. and it came today and i’m so beyond happy right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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thanks so much scandalabc for my gifts!!! this gladiator feels loved!!!!

"Where I live, there are a lot of apathetic people. People who don’t care at all about what they do or how they do it. They let the world wash over them and barely notice anyone else is even there. Leslie Knope is not one of these people. She cares about everything and everyone in our town. I don’t know how she does it. People come to her with the pettiest, stupidest problems and she cares, like, really, actually cares what happens to them. And if you’re lucky enough to be her friend, your life gets better every day. She spends every waking moment thinking of new ways to make her friends happy. There is something wonderful about seeing someone who has found her true purpose on Earth. For some people, I guess, that’s being an astronaut or a hot-dog eating champion. For Leslie, her true purpose on Earth, her true meaning is making people’s lives better. That’s what I love about her."